In-Kind Giving Made Easy

Share your tangible needs with your donors through your own branded online donation store!

BeCause offers an online donation store for organizations to request and receive the in-kind donations. Each store is branded to look and feel like your organization. We provide a catalog of goods for you to choose from, and we handle the logistics of delivering your donation. The use of our services is 100% FREE- so create your store today.

See how other nonprofit organizations are using their online store to receive in-kind donations

Never Sort Through Donations Again

You get to select your program needs, eliminating the administrative headache of sorting through donations.


An Easy Way For Everyone to support you

With an online donation store, everyone across the globe can support your cause from their phone, tablet, or computer.


We Deliver the donations so you can focus on changing the World

We deliver what you need when you need it, saving you time and money.

Getting started is easy

1. Create your online donation store front

2. Select the tangible needs of your program

3. Share your store with your supporters and watch the donations roll in

What do our organization love their online donation store?

I was so happy that we used Because this Christmas for our gift registry and charitable giving platform.  For years we have been using very manually intensive worksheets and emails to track gift selections, matching donors and status updates. It created daily work for our committee members with high margins for error.  It was also more challenging and limiting for us with out of town donors who want to participate.  With BeCause we were able to streamline the process and create an enhanced user experience for everyone from the donors to the recipients while making it easier to track for the event committee members.  I highly recommend BeCause for your next charitable registry.”

 Mission of Yahweh Christmas on a Mission Co-Chair
Mission of Yahweh Christmas on a Mission Co-Chair

The response from our donors was even better than we imagined. We had multiple donors offer to buy all of the items we listed and entire site was sold out in less than three weeks.

Prison Entrepreneurship Program
Prison Entrepreneurship Program Nonprofit headquartered in Houston, Texas

“I can’t tell you enough how excited we were at The Mission of Yahweh to have the Because Store be a part of our Christmas On a Mission this year.  We’ve been utilizing the donation store for a few months now and our donors have already commented to us how easy it is to use, and how they love it! BeCause has saved us so much time and helped us avoid crowds and malls and messy lists by packaging all the toys with the packing slips.  Delivery was easy and simple.  I can’t see how we ever managed without you!”

Mission of Yahweh
Mission of Yahweh

“The Donation Store is perfect! It was easy to navigate and quick. I love technology when it works well! Such a great idea! Makes it so easy to make donations in the areas where help is needed” Generous Donor

Prison Entrepreneurship Program
Prison Entrepreneurship Program

“Being able to purchase our needs through the donation store has saved us much time and energy because instead of making Wal-Mart runs we can serve our community”

Crossroads at Park Place
Crossroads at Park Place