Focus on the ends not the means

The store behind your cause

We get it. While all your supporters are important, they’re not all the same.

Some like traditional donation methods, while others need to see something more tangible.

BeCause provides your nonprofit a branded storefront within your own website, helping you highlight items needed by your organization and easily enabling supporters to purchase them.

More than just your logo.

A BeCause Donation Store is a space for you to define who you are and build your community. A place to share the story of your goals and celebrate your successes.

Deliver your core mission message through the categories you create and the needs you highlight.

Strengthen and grow your loyal supporter community with donation and volunteer tracking, mini supporter campaigns and event promotion and updates.

Streamline management of your fundraisers and volunteer events through a built in registration and ticketing functionality.

Turn supporters into champions

BeCause helps you attract new supporters, while elevating existing ones to a higher level of commitment.

Immediate Trust: New supporters will enjoy seeing exactly how their generosity is used, confident their support is going where it’s most needed. Feeling included in your shared objective is the first step to creating a loyal supporter.

But you’ve got expenses and need donations too.

Nurturing your existing supporters through BeCause’s integrated communications system, you’ll turn them into champions of your cause.

From sharing community content to sending customized thank you notes, BeCause let’s you tell your story.


Creating your own Donation Store only takes a few minutes and customizing it is fun and easy!

No Cost. High Return.

Easy to use. No set up fee and no monthly charges.

BeCause handles the e-commerce and delivery logistics. We work with you to ensure the items most needed by your cause are available through your Donation Store. Like other retailers we manage our supply chain to give you the lowest prices possible.

BeCause helps you track your campaigns and report easily on your success.

With a targeted giving solution like BeCause behind you, you’ve got more time focus on what really matters, making a real difference where it’s most needed.

Are you ready to streamline the giving cycle?


The response from our donors was even better than we imagined. We had multiple donors offer to buy all of the items we listed and entire site was sold out in less than three weeks.

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