How are Donation Stores different from an online gift registry?

Like an online gift registry, a Donation Store is free to create, and donors can buy pre-earmarked items for your organization. The difference comes in the execution. In a traditional gift registry, the recipient is largely kept in the dark on specifics until an item shows up at the door. Donors pay sales tax on the purchase; also, your organization receives items immediately after purchase. By contrast, purchases through a Donation Store are tracked and reported to your organization so you can not only thank your donors for their contributions, but better engage those donors going forward. Donors pay no sales tax since the items are purchased under your organization’s tax exempt status.

And perhaps best of all, donated items can be held and batch shipped so they arrive right when you need them, avoiding logistical snags and time wasted on packages that need to be sorted and stored.

Do I need to be a registered nonprofit to create a Donation Store?

No, however, we cannot issue tax receipt to donors or exempt the transactions from sales tax until a valid tax exemption certificate is supplied. Not certain if you’re eligible? Contact us to learn more.

Will my Donation Store be branded as a BeCause store or with my organization’s colors/brand?

Your customizable Donation Store will look and feel like just that—yours. Donation Stores are designed to seamlessly blend into your organization’s existing webpage or brand. Each page features the words “Powered by BeCause” and our logo in a non-central placement, and these elements link back to our website.

How do I set up a Donation Store for my organization?

Click here to launch your Donation Store or email us and we will help you through this process.

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