What is a Donation Store?

A BeCause Donation Store is a fully customizable, online giving interface that sits within your website.

More than just a way to handle your online cash donations, a Donation Store enables your supporters to browse, select and purchase items you’ve identified as necessary for the success of your non-profit. It’s a place for you to tell the story of your cause.

You’re busy So we made it easy

With just a few clicks you’ll have a Donation Store that looks exactly like you.

You can start small at first. As your confidence grows and you start to realize which of your events require a lot of materials, you can increase the number of items in your Donation Store.

Don’t worry, we’ll be with you every step of the way.

Committed supporters = extra success

Your BeCause Donation Store is more than just a place for supporters to drop in and give.

A simple registration process awards them an area of their own within the Store. Here supporters can manage their donations, receive updates from you and view images of events they’ve attended.

Supporters can create ‘mini campaigns’, increasing their relationship to your cause and driving more visitors to your site.

Leave the logistics to us

BeCause works behind the scenes to ensure items are available right when you need them.

With BeCause taking care of the distribution and delivery logistics, all you have to do is ensure your supporters know about the awesome new way they can get involved with your cause.



Set it Up

BeCause works with you to create your personalized Donation Store and stock it with the goods most needed by your nonprofit.


Launch it

You’ll have a unique URL which can be easily integrated into your website. Shout it out to your loyal supporters and encourage them to share it.


Sit back and relax

Who are we kidding? There’s always plenty more to do, but at least your event logistics and donor communications just got a whole lot easier.
Plus, BeCause even issues donation receipts on your behalf.


how you can join our story.


Creating your own Donation Store only takes a few minutes and customizing it is fun and easy!